WE-121215 glue board type insect killer

WE-121215 glue board type insect killer

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I want to ask

01) The decorate and elegant exterior, decorative and functional device.

02) The multi-purpose structure design, can be changed up light / down and straight three directions by rotating the front guard position.

03) The sticky paper can be replaced left and right freely. The smart fixing feature, could hold the glue board firmly in position.

04) The hanging hole is able to do horizontal direction for wall mounted.

05) Indoor use 30 watt UVA tube.

06)And there is a special design glue board to sticky pests.

07) Available for cafe, hotel and restaurant.

08) Coverage area is around 90 m2.

Model WE-121215
Material Stainless #430 & Plastic
Effective Power 30 Watt
Type of Tubes FL15W/T8/BL350 *2pcs
Tube Wavelength UVA 350~400nm
Consumption Power 37 Watt
Glueboard Size 57.4 x 23.0cm x 1pcs
Production Certificates Pending
Voltage / Frequency To fabricate by the standard of different country or region
Covered-Area Wall mounted 90 Square meter
Dimensions L 59.6 * W 24.7 * H 13.3 cm
Weight 2.9 Kg

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