WE-200-2(S) electric type insect killer

WE-200-2(S) electric type insect killer

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01) Taking the advantages of double-sided light transmission principle, enlarge the effective of the light attraction.

02) Smart secured outer guard design, fingers won't reach the electric grid.

03) Continuous discharge of the electric grid.

04) Easy-Clean collect tray, keep your hygiene all the way.

05) Avoid the direct sunlight for the Installation location, preferred a vents area or mosquito breeding source with a cover or shelter.

06) Indoor use 40 watt pest control insect killer product.

07) There are 2 pcs 20 watt Taiwan made UVA tubes to attract insects, mosquitoes and flies.

08) Internal grid voltage output 4000 VAC to kill pests.

09) Coverage area is around 120m2(Wall mount/Ceiling)

Model WE-200-2 / WE-200-2S
Material Metal / Stainless steel #304 & #430
Effective Power 40 Watt
Type of Tubes FL20W T8 x 2pcs UVA tubes
Tube Wavelength UVA 350~400nm
Consumption Power 45 Watt
Grille-Voltage AC 4000V
Production Certificates CE
Voltage / Frequency To fabricate by the standard of different country or region
Covered-Area Wall mounted 120 Square meter, Ceiling suspended 240 Square meter
Dimensions L 62 x W 13 x H 36.5 cm
Weight 8.5 Kg

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