WE-SB-U30 glue board type insect killer

WE-SB-U30 glue board type insect killer

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01) Taking the advantages of UVA tubes light transmission principle, enlarge the effective of the light attraction.

02) Smart secured outer guard design and Easy-Clean glue board.

03) Avoid the direct sunlight for the Installation location, preferred a vents area or mosquito breeding source with a cover or shelter.

04) Indoor use 30 watt glueboard insect killer product.

05) There are 2 pcs 15 watt Philips or Taiwan made UVA tubes to attract insects, mosquitoes and flies.

06) And there is a special design glueboard to sticky pests.

07) Available for Food factory, kitchen and restaurant.

08) Coverage area is around 90m2(Wall mount/Ceiling)

Model WE-SB-U30
Material Metal
Effective Power 30 Watt
Type of Tubes FL15W T8 x 2pcs UVA tubes
Tube Wavelength UVA 350~400nm
Consumption Power 45 Watt
Glueboard Size 46 x 29 cm * 1pcs
Production Certificates CE
Voltage / Frequency To fabricate by the standard of different country or region
Covered-Area 90 m2
Dimensions L 62.5 x W 15.5 x H 22 cm
Weight 4.4 Kg

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