70 Serial H.V. Transformer with high voltage capacitor

70 Serial H.V. Transformer with high voltage capacitor

I/P : AC 100~240V
O/P : AC 3,000V~AC 4,500V
Current : 7~9mA

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  • Multi-type design(Normal type, Horizontally type,Vertical type),and meet your equipment space, and Steady Structure.
  • Suitable for ozone generators and electrostatic precipitator, etc.
  • Exclusive high functional Thermal-Management.
  • Customizable

Transformer Product Number:WH-7010C、WH-7013C、WH-7016C、WH-7019C

Be suitable for:Insect killer ,and ozone generators ,and electrostatic precipitator, etc.

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Model WH-7010C、WH-7013C、WH-7016C、WH-7019C
Transformer Type Normal type, Horizontally type, Vertical type,
Input Voltage AC 100~240V available
Minimum Output Valtage AC 3,000V
Maximum Output Valtage AC 4,500V
Output Current 7 ~ 9 mA

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