Our History

  • A.D. 1980

    Mr. Ping Cheng Ku and Mr. Huang Chuan Huang established WELL ELECTRONICS LTD at the living room of a 35 Square meters residence in Taipei Hsien with US$12,500.00 capital, producing Adaptors and manufacture for line of work.

  • A.D. 1983

    Developed successfully AC 4000V H V Transformer for Insect Killer, and listed by UL, CE, GS, VDE…so on. Exporting USA, Europe all over the world.

  • Developed and produced Insect Killer, successfully expanded the American market.

  • A.D. 1985

    Moved the production line to a 1,300 square meters rented facility in Xin Zhu Hsien because the demands increased dramatically due to our top quality.

  • A.D. 1986

    Built 2,300 square meters Guan Xi Plant.

  • Increased the capital to US$35,000.00, changed the company name to WELL ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

  • A.D. 1987

    Moved to a 200 square meters new office owned by WELL.

  • A.D. 1990

    Radar Electronic Watch Dog to have the honor to get the award of National fine works, and obtaining a great volume of orders from USA as well.

  • A.D. 1991

    Guan Xi Plant completed, Square measure for land is 2,300 square meter, and 1,000 square meters for plant.

  • A.D. 1992

    Many different types of Insect Killers released to the European and Japanese markets.

  • A.D. 1996

    Contracted with SIEMENS Germany and with SIEMENS developed the AC 10000V Ignition H V Transformer for industrial Burners.

  • A.D. 1999

    OEM and ODM Insect Killers for several main manufacturers in Europe.

  • A.D. 2000

    Received over 600,000pcs order of H V Transformer from two major Insect Killers Manufacturers in US.

  • To move to a new office building at 33rd floor with 450 square meters large.

  • A.D. 2001

    Increased the Capital from US$350,000 to US$2,400,000.Extended the land to 3,500 square meters and 3,000 square meters for adding to 3rd floor building.

  • Invested a new facility with 10,000 square meters in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

  • A.D. 2002

    Promoted our New developed Air Purifiers to European markets.

  • A.D. 2003

    Expanded capital to US$4,000,000.Purchased another 5,000 square meters land with total measurement: 15,000 square meters.

  • A.D. 2005

    Successfully OEM over 180,000unit of Heaters to US market.

  • A.D. 2006

    To merge Chuan Ho Vietnam pressing company. Constructing the second 3,500 square meters factory building.

  • A.D. 2007

    Purchase brand new TOYOKOKI CNC machines and Maza Laser Cutting machines to extend customer service business.

  • A.D. 2008

    Vietnam plant constructed new 3rd floor to add 1,200 square meters area to extend producing needed.

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