Commercial insect traps are lighting devices designed specifically for use in commercial settings, factories, kitchens, warehouses, and other large indoor spaces to attract and capture insects. These devices typically use UV ultraviolet light bulbs and special adhesive boards, which have a sticky substance to trap insects, preventing them from entering commercial spaces.

There are several main types of commercial insect traps with different models and designs, including:

Wall-mounted type: This type of insect trap is usually fixed on the wall and can be installed on the wall of large indoor spaces, making it easy to use and replace light bulbs.

Hanging type: This type of insect trap is typically suspended from the ceiling and can be used in large indoor spaces.

Desktop type: This type of insect trap is usually placed on a table or on the floor and is suitable for small commercial spaces or home use.

Commercial insect traps can not only effectively control insects but also reduce the risk of disease transmission by insects. There are various styles and sizes of commercial insect traps available to choose from, suitable for different places and needs.

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